2015 - 2016 Enrollment Forms

For all students, please click the link below for enrollment forms. Make sure to save the document to your desktop before editing.  Open the document from your desktop to edit.  Once complete, you may either digitally sign the forms and return via email or print the documents, sign, and return via mail or email.
Please submit a Medical History and Immunization Form as set forth below.  
For students new to Spruce, in addition to the enrollment and medical forms, please click the link below for your child's Developmental History.  Once complete, please submit to Spruce as outlined above.  
Please do not hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions!
Medical History and Immunization Form 
The Office of Child Care Services requires a complete physical exam within one year prior to admission, or within one month after admission, as well as a complete immunization record on file.  Most pediatric practices have their own standardized form.  If your child's pediatrician does not have such a form, click here to download a blank Medical History and Immunization Form to be filled out by your child's physician.  
Please submit this form via email, bring it in to Spruce, or have it faxed to the office.  Our fax number is 617.482.5544.  Thank you!