Parent Resources


As you probably can imagine, it is hard to replicate a day at Spruce, part of that magic is being together as a group in our classrooms and having all of our incredible books, supplies, and resources right at our fingertips. With that in mind, we've come up with some resources to keep your Sprucer entertained and learning while school is closed.  We are also providing a loose schedule that you can follow.  After break, we will share our lesson plans with you. 


Click HERE for the daily schedule that you may want to follow at home. 




COSMIC KIDS YOGA. This is a YouTube channel with lots of movement and storytelling. Click HERE for the YouTube page.


At KARMA KIDS STUDIO, children are encouraged to "play" yoga and experience how their breath and body move together in a fun-filled way. Click HERE for the YouTube page and HERE for their Instagram thread.


GO NOODLE has lots of fun activities for kids. Click HERE for the website.


YOGA. Let them borrow your yoga mat, or layout a towel on the floor for some yoga! The Willows always start with "Sun Salutation" to start yoga - Google "Dance for the Sun" by Kira Willey and you will find it... they'll know what to do from there! After, if you're a yogi yourself, take it from there, or check out the websites above. Kids yoga flashcards are great too!


MUSICAL MOVEMENT- Aka FREEZE DANCE! The Willows LOVE dancing to the "Animal Freeze Dance", "Party Freeze Dance" and the "Popcorn" song. All can be found on Spotify or Youtube.


OBSTACLE COURSE - Use painters tape to set up an obstacle course that they can balance, hop and follow! Use items around the house that they have to jump over or go under.


SIMON SAYS - You're in charge! Hop 5 times, spin for 10 seconds, crawl down the hall, skip back... you name it!


TOSSING GAME - Use a basket or a bucket, or tape out a square for them to toss a (light!) object into. Mark/Tape specific spots for them to stand on when they are tossing/throwing.


DANCE PARTY - When all else fails, turn the lights down and have a dance party! Kids Bop has some great kid-friendly music to get the party started.


DECORDOVA SCULPTURE PARK. If you need to get out of the house, a trip to the DeCordova Sculpture Park is a terrific idea.  Click HERE for their website. 


TINY TUNES STUDIO offers free virtual music, movement, and yoga classes for children.  Click HERE for the website.




CALLIOPE BRASS is offering free access to the “Meet the Brass Family” series. Lessons and videos are hosted by Calliope and the puppet.  Click HERE for their Instagram account. 


MISS SAMANTHA'S winter newsletter is available HERE.  


Our Spruce Street Nursery School songs may be accessed by clicking HERE.


MISS SAMANTHA'S RECORDED MUSIC CLASSES and Spruce songs may be viewed on her Youtube page.  Click HERE.


SPRUCE CHOREOGRAPHY with Miss Samantha is available HERE.


Miss Samantha recommended this Youtube page for additional fun songs.  Click HERE to access.


JUST DANCE CLASSICAL MUSIC has a Youtube page to get kids moving to classical music.  Click HERE.




Let your Sprucer get their hands dirty with at-home gardening projects. Click HERE for Back to Roots website. 


For some home experiments, click HERE to access the Teach Beside Me website. 


For some fun science experiments, click HERE for Science Sparks.


Get your Sprucer cooking the kitchen with recipes from Chop Chop.  Click HERE to access their site




Spruce favorite author, Mo Willem, is presenting "Lunch Doodles" in his studio every day at 1 PM EST.


Click HERE for an interesting article with links to 43 free educational websites for children.


Click HERE for learning activities from the Boston Children's Museum.


Many aquariums and zoos offer webcam footage. Hippos, otters and penguins can be viewed through webcams, virtual tours and “home safaris.”  Click HERE for a list of websites.  The Stone Zoo is live on Facebook at 1:30. Click HERE to access their page.


Enjoy astronauts reading books from space. There’s a wide variety and they show the book in addition to the astronaut floating around. An excellent resource as a follow-up to the Maples space unit.


Creative Kids for Play's Instagram offers songs, dances, and stories 


Frozen Actor Josh Gad reads books to children each night.  To access the site, click HERE


The ICA has great links to the Kusama exhibit and children's activities.  Click HERE to access the site. 


Make any room a classroom at Brain Pop.  Click HERE to access the site. 


Penguin Books is starting a reading program with guest readers.  Click HERE for virtual storytime.  


Author Grace Lin has a wonderful website with activities for kids.  Click HERE to access the site.


Storyline Online provides stories read by celebrities. Click HERE to access the site.


The Boston Symphony Orchestra has a weekly music program and activities for kids. Click HERE to access the site.


WBUR offers a weekly Circle Round.  Click HERE to access it.


Live Stream Activities is a google sheet with many links to live stream programming and is content organized by movement, arts, cooking, and sports content. Click HERE to access the page.


Click HERE for 101 Virtual Field Trips that you can take with your children.


Parent Resources


Click HERE for a book about Covid-19 for children.  


Click HERE for a CNN article about how regular school parents can "homeschool" their children.


A New York Times article on how to handle children's disappointment is available HERE


Handwashing songs are available HERE.


For a kid's report on Covid-19 click HERE.  It features Spruce alums Henry, Harper, and current Willow Holland!


A New York Times article by conflict resolution experts provides advice to parents to prevent squabbling siblings.  Click HERE to access it.  


A story for children about wearing a mask is available HERE.


A video from Sesame Street on social distancing is available HERE.




Click HERE for a My Pencil Control workbook.


Lakeshore Learning offers free printables. Click HERE to access them.


Pre-K math printables are available HERE.