Early Arrival, Extended Day, and Late Day

The Early Arrival Program begins at 7:30 and takes place in the Acorn Room. The children enjoy free play and a light breakfast. Early arrival is available on a contract or drop-in basis.


The Extended Day Program, available from 1-3:30 pm daily, and Late Day, available from 3:30-5:30 pm daily, provides a small, mixed-age setting for a guided exploration of a specific activity daily. Led by two teachers each day, the children have the opportunity to participate in a variety of projects planned just for them. Rest time, snack, and stories are also important elements of Extended Day.


Extended Day and Late Day have a deliberately more restful pace than the morning program.  The morning program, while fun and stimulating, can be tiring. Extended Day and Late Day is a time to unwind and spend time with friends and teachers resting, refueling, and exploring a project at the child’s leisure.


Extended Day and Late Day are available either on a contractual basis or on a drop-in basis.  Contracting for Extended or Late Day ensures you will have a spot each day you contract for. If you decide to enroll your child for the fall semester for Extended or Late Day on Mondays for instance, your child will have a guaranteed spot every Monday. If you decide you would prefer to come on Tuesday instead for a particular week, you may sign-up for a drop-in spot with the QR code in the elevator vestibule, email Courtney or click HERE. You will be charged the drop-in fee for the Tuesday Extended or Late Day.


To use Extended or Late Day on a drop-in basis, sign up by scanning the QR code, email Courtney or click HERE to sign up for your desired day. You will receive. confirmation email once the form is submitted. The enrollment limit is nine. There is also a waitlist in case our list is full. If you are on the waitlist please keep checking your status, as cancellations are fairly common. If you are still on the waitlist the morning of, please let Courtney know if you would like a call during the day should there be an opening.   

Afternoon Enrichment Programs

The Art of Cooking

In this incredibly popular program, our little chefs will stir, knead, mix, and measure to create a new culinary creation every week. Taste tests, preference graphs, and "no thank you bites," will top off each day and a special cookbook will be provided to each student at the end of the program!

Soccer and Fun

On Tuesdays during the fall and spring, we are offering soccer, partnering with Hill House! The children will have a brief rest time followed by a snack, and then will head over to the Common for soccer. This program is available to Willows, Maples, and Oaks, even for those children who do not attend on Tuesdays.


Swim and Play

Swim and Play meets in the Willow room just after school on Thursdays in the fall and spring. The children have a brief rest time, put on their swimsuits, have a snack and then get into the carts to head to the pool at the Wang YMCA for swim lessons. After the lesson, the teachers help get the children back into their clothes and head back to school for dismissal. Swim and Play is available to Willows, Maples and Oaks. regardless of schedule.


Yoga and Mindfulness

On Tuesdays during January, February, and early March we will be offering a yoga class with a dash of mindfulness! Children will have a brief rest time in the Willow room, eat a snack, and then will head over to the Ritz for some fun yoga-inspired movement activities. Yoga and Mindfulness is available to Willows, Maples, and Oaks regardless of schedule.


Theater Thursdays

On Thursdays, during the winter months, a group of Sprucers will gather in the Willow Room and develop a play from a familiar story! Open to Willows, Maples, and Oaks regardless of schedule, the children will familiarize themselves with the story, create the sets and props, play the parts, and star in the finished product, which they will present to their families!

Additional Programs

In addition to these enrichment programs, on a rotating basis we also offer Field Day Games (think potato sack racing, obstacle courses, hula hoop ring toss, golf ball bowling, and more), Golf, T-Ball, and Tennis!