Daily Schedule

FREE PLAY- Set out a few specific activities or toys for your child to play with - building blocks with cars or animals, Magnatiles, a kitchen set up...Just choose a few things and explain that these are the choices for "Free Play" at home today!

CLEAN UP - You get to have the coveted "Bell Ringer" Job! Ring a bell or sound an alarm on your phone when Free Play is over, or things are just getting out of hand:)

MORNING MEETING - Sit down and talk about what your plans are for the day! Use the rest of this schedule (whatever you are choosing to incorporate) and let them know what is coming next and your expectations for said activities- ie... the play dough stays at the kitchen table, during "Book Time" I want you to look at 4 books quietly on your own. * Make it fun and post up on the rug as we do at school! Have your child bring dolls, cars, and lovies in place of their friends and make it a true "Morning Meeting" by singing the Good Morning Song to each of them at the end!


JOURNALS - Whip out some paper and markers/crayons! Give some ideas or a prompt of something they could draw! When they are finished, ask them about their drawing and write their *exact:)* words on their paper! Feel free to staple their drawings together each day to make their own little home journal- We'd love to see them when we get back:)

BOOKS - Choose a small curated stack of books and put them in a dedicated basket or bin. During "BOOK LOOKING TIME", ask that they take a "picture walk" and quietly look at books on their own. If you can last 15 minutes...BRAVO! *If "Booking Looking Time" is going off the rails, throw some puzzles into the mix. This should buy you some extra time and it's a nice change-up for them too!*

PROJECT MEETING - Choose a book from your home, or audio read aloud on the computer (Youtube has just about any book you can think of as a read aloud, some are even read by the actual author themselves!) Try to choose a book that can somehow pertain to, or relate to the activity or project you plan to do. After the story, explain/demonstrate the project/activity! Set expectations that you want them to follow (We are only painting with 3 colors/We are only using the paintbrush to paint, not our hands this time!) Ask thought-provoking questions, for example: During a carrot counting project, you could ask your child, "How do you think a carrot grows? From a tree? In soil?" Generate a discussion and thought-provoking questions they can think about!

PROJECT- We will include a list of projects after break.

OUTSIDE/MOVEMENT - Check out the list of movement activities on the Parent Resources page!


GOODBYE - Talk about the day! What did they enjoy the most? What is something they want to learn about tomorrow? Sing Goodbye!