We are enormously proud of our dedicated and energetic staff.  Our teachers are carefully selected for their strong interest in Early Childhood Education, and for their warmth and enthusiasm.  By bringing varied and extensive skills and experience to their work, they make Spruce Street the joyful and creative environment that it is.

Nursery School Pre-School preschool Staff Boston

Our Class Sizes:

We work in teaching teams to develop programs based on cooperation, sharing of ideas, and respect for the individual. The Acorn class, with 9 students, has two teachers and a teacher's aid; and the Maples and Oaks, with a group size up to 10 each, also have two teachers per classroom. The Willows have two teachers with 13 children. In addition, we have a Float teacher on staff for an extra set of hands wherever needed, and our Music and Movement specialist provides fun and developmentally appropriate music classes twice weekly to each class.

Our Teachers:


Alex Mako                                      

Elizabeth Starrett

Mahoussi Pierre, Assistant Teacher                                                     




Eliza Hoover                             

Morgan Cutler                                         


Extended DayTeacher:                                                   

Lynn Augustin



Baird Anderson




Lily Hamblin

Allison Tilton

Lauren Grant


Nancy Hood

Henrietta Richardson

Music Specialist:

Matty Powell


Director, Christie Guevin


Christie Guevin founded Spruce Street Nursery School in 1996 with the goal of providing a nurturing learning environment that is stimulating yet warm, challenging, yet cozy.  Spruce Street seeks to provide a setting that does not underestimate the extraordinary cognitive capacities of very young children, yet honors and accommodates their emerging social skills and sense of themselves.


Christie is the mother of two children, Mariah and Nate.  She attained her undergraduate degree from Skidmore College and her Masters in Child Development and Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College.

Director of Finance and Assistant Director, Leslie Rhodes


Leslie Rhodes is a graduate of Farleigh Dickinson University.  After a career in property management, Leslie initially came to Spruce as a parent in 1996.  Leslie has been working in the office since 2000 and has missed only one year at Spruce since the school's inception. Leslie officially became Assistant Director in 2005.

Administrator & Extended Day Coordinator, Courtney Winter


Courtney Winter is the parent of four Spruce Street Nursery School alums.  A graduate of Suffolk University Law School and a former practicing attorney, Courtney was delighted to return to Spruce after her youngest child "flew away" from the Oak Class to kindergarten in 2013.